2017 Lind Combine Derby Results

Best Decorated Combine
1st: Tyran Doyle - Lind, WA
2nd: Eric Labes - Lind, WA
3rd: Palmer Phillips - Lind, WA
4th: Jim Oswald - Spokane, WA
Heat #1 Combines
Tie: Caleb Hannas
Palmer Phillips
Ryan Kulm - Pasco
Heat #2 Combines
1st: Nathan Knodel - Lind, WA
2nd: Tyran Doyle -
3rd: Cody Bennett - LaCrosse, WA
Main Event
1st: Palmer Phillips
Cody Bennett
3rd: Todd Peterson - Boise, ID
Grain Truck Races
1st: #61, Gary Marmes Jr.,
Kahalotus, WA
2nd: #55, Jamie Morris,
Rosalia, WA
3rd: Joe Schluneger, Colfax, WA
Australian Pursuit
Winner: #55, Jamie Morris
Main Event
1st: #69, Joe Schluneger
2nd: #55, Jamie Morris
Pickup Races
Trophy Dash A
#22, Stacy Wilson, Hermiston, OR
Trophy Dash B
#13, Jason Heider, Ritzville
Trophy Dash Powder Puff
#10-4, Amy Hernandez, Lind
Heat Race #1
1st: #10, Nik Hensley, Tukwila
2nd: #43, Jake Dewald, Ritzville
3rd: #28, Andy Clary, Kennewick
Heat Race #2
1st: #17, Morgan Neal, Richland
2nd: #53, Randy Gray, Bellingham
3rd: #01, Mike Longmeier,
Benton City
Heat Race #3
1st: #221, Jeff Pearson, Umatilla
2nd: #26, Stacy Hunt, Fossil, OR
3rd: #13, Sean Witte, Ephrata
Australian Pursuit
Heat #1
1st: #10, Nik Hensley
#10-4, Josh Hernandez, Lind
Heat #2
1st: #43, Jake Dewald, Ritzville
Heat #3
1st: #26, Stacy Hunt
#13, Jason Heider

Pickup Heat Winners Race
1st: #10, Nik Hensley
2nd: #26, Stacy Hunt
3rd: #22, Stacy Wilson

Pickup Australian
Pursuit Main Event
1st: #13, Jason Heider
#26, Stacy Hunt

Powder Puff Heat Race
1st: #53, Michelle Hennings,
2nd: #357, Kristen Smith, Dayton
3rd: #22, Nicole Pearson,


  • Feb. 5 deadline for grant proposals to boost Washington specialty crops January 10, 2018
    The Washington State Department of Agriculture is accepting proposals for innovative projects to support the state’s fruit, vegetable and nursery industry through the federal Specialty Crop Block Grant Program. Proposals for the grants to fund these projects are due to WSDA by 4 p.m. Feb. 5.
  • New rules would require RFID for cattle in some cases December 20, 2017
    OLYMPIA--The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) filed a notice of intent today to update rules concerning livestock identification, specifically requiring Radio Frequency Identification, or RFID, in cases where cattle are currently required to be identified with metal tags.
  • WSDA adopts rules aligned with federal Worker Protection Standards December 13, 2017
    The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) has adopted rules updating Worker Protection Standards to correspond to federal regulations. The new rules regarding pesticide use were signed by Director Derek Sandison and will take effect Jan. 13, 2018.
  • Spring treatment proposed to protect Washington trees from gypsy moth December 5, 2017
    The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) is proposing to treat two areas in Western Washington in the spring of 2018 to eradicate introductions of gypsy moth, a non-native, invasive pest that decimates trees.
  • Gypsy moth catches at 20-year high in Washington November 2, 2017
    The Washington State Department of Agriculture (WSDA) trapped 117 male gypsy moths this year in its annual trapping program – the highest number caught in traps since 1995.